About Us


In The Beginning

I've worked in the archery industry seeing all kinds of string problems. This drove me to open Trophy Bowstrings LLC. My passion for great looking, problem free custom bowstrings has driven me to develop a unique process in the building of your strings.


The Process

Trophy Bowstrings LLC uses the finest BCY products to manufacture your strings and cables. Your strings/cables are carefully laid out to proper dimensions. All strands are tensioned evenly by my unique building system.
Your strings/cables will be pre-stretched and served @300lbs. and measured in accordance to AMO standard (100 lbs @ length from 1/4 inch pegs).



After stretching, recovery and serving your strings once shot-in are GUARANTEED to be free from creep, peep rotation and serving separation. Your strings/cables will be "Worry Free" so you can "Just Shoot" having the highest degree of consistency.